“Never hire people with dreams of their own,”​ the idiot said.

I recently read a blog post written by a business owner who advised other entrepreneurs to hire people who have “no dreams of their own”.

Why? The author felt that employees with dreams were more likely to depart his business as their own ambitions took shape — and further, that an employee with passions outside of work had more reasons to be distracted than one who didn’t.

He believed that one of a small business’s best chances at rapid growth was to cultivate a staff with a sort of pro-employer mania. The kind of workers who bound through the front door of the office every morning, high-five the boss and bellow, “Let’s do this!”

This, he said, was the kind of team that would devote itself to the entrepreneur’s vision. As a result, the team’s collective efforts would make the business owner a multi-millionaire.

I am simultaneously an entrepreneur and an employee. I work independently as a writer and consultant, and I do hire subcontractors in certain areas when a project necessitates it. At the same time, I am an employee of a publishing company. I can look at this issue from both sides.

And from both sides, his point of view makes me nauseous. … More “Never hire people with dreams of their own,”​ the idiot said.