This Dog Poop Pouch Deserves More Attention, IMHO


I’m always surprised when a fellow dog owner stops me and asks, “Where did you get that bag?”

Not because I don’t think they should be impressed with it. On the contrary.

I’m surprised because I can’t believe everybody doesn’t already know about the Turdlebag.

I don’t remember where I first found it, but I promptly bought one for myself and all of my dog-owning friends. Merry Christmas, everybody!

The Turdlebag is a little pouch that attaches securely to your dog’s leash. It has a pocket dispenser on the front that holds a roll of poop bags. And inside the Turdlebag, you can stow your bag o’ poop until you’ve reached a trash can.

No more sashaying down the street, swinging an oh-so-inviting, plump hot bag of excrement from one hand!



In my experience, the Turdlebag resists odor. There’s no clinging stench after I dispose of the poop I carried inside.

It’s also hardy as heck and comes in jewel tones — pretty enough for the most demanding aesthete, but with sporty styling to suit classic tastes.

Nobody asked me to write this. I just happened to be walking my dog today and someone, for the hundred time (probably), stopped me and asked about the Turdlebag. And because I genuinely love this product, I decided to do what I could to spread the word far and wide.

You’re welcome.




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